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How to Clean Your Vinyl Records By Hand


With the revival of vinyl industry, record and record player sales have seen a constant growth for the last decade. But for the newcomers, there are some few tips that you need to know to enjoy you your record for a longer time. First, you need to have a good turntable. Second, you must maintain your vinyl records in good condition. For the records to sound great every time they are played, you must keep them clean. This will also extend their lifetime since there will be little wear and tear. Dust particles are the main threat to record.

But how do you ensure that your records are properly and safely cleaned? You can either use the machine or do it manually. For starters, you may not afford the machine, but you can use your hands.

Tips on How To Clean Vinyl Records By Hand

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Cleaning ClothIf you don’t have a good quality brush at your place or it’s out of your budget, then try a microfiber cleaning cloth. This is a non-abrasive piece of fabric will not end up scratching the disc. It is an easy way to keep the wax fresh and clean. It works very well at absorbing oils that could have entered into the grooves. The microfiber cleaning cloth also hangs onto dust and gunk thus leaving your record clean. It’s affordable, simple and readily available.

Antistatic Record Brush

As fan of vinyl, this is something that you should have in the home. It’s a great alternative to pads and very effective in removing dust particles in the record’s groove. The fact that it have thousands of tiny little carbon bristles, it easy to eat up any static on the vinyl surface to remove dust. The brush is useful for two reasons. First, it is because of the carbon brushes that make it possible to drain the static electricity that attracts dust onto the disc. Second, it enters into the grooves of the vinyl record to remove dirt (dust particles) lying within. That’s the reason it’s one of the most super effective vinyl cleaning method. It’s simple and cheap.

Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush

Anti Static Record Cleaning BrushWith this record cleaning brush, all your dust problems will be history. It’s a super-efficient manual cleaning method, particularly due to its wide surface area that covers more of your record. It’s a very easy tool to be used even by the starters. With its proprietary cleaning pad, it gets really deep into the grooves to wipe out all the grime and dirt that has been causing noise on your records. The brush is also designed with ergonomic handle to provide a good grip for easy and efficient cleaning. Just apply the right amount of pressure to scrub off the dust from the record, and you’re done. You can use this kit for both dry and wet cleaning.

Tonar Nostatic Record Cleaning Arm

The cleaning arm can have the vinyl cleaned as you play. It has a small brush fixed to the end that sits on the rotating record. What makes this method attractive is the fact that it reduces the stylus and record wear. Unlike the most of the manual cleaning, it does not lead to build up of static charges on the disc. In fact, it eliminates them thus keep your record clean for longer by reducing the attraction of the dust onto it. You can also place it in any convenient position on the deck and it will, still work. Tonar Nostatic is highly affordable and user-friendly.

Nagaoka CL-1000

Nagaoka CL-1000This tool uses a sticky roller to lift dust and grime from the upper surface and the grooves. The roller is made of a special rubber that never loses its original tackiness to the surface. It’s a very easy tool to work with since you only need to roll it lightly over the record surface. The best thing about Nagaoka CL-1000 is longevity. You will enjoy its service for a very long time and still maintain its original quality. You can also combine it with other record cleaning methods such as carbon fibre brush. It will help in removing dust that could have been left behind by the brush.

Disco Antistatic Record Cleaner

Disco antistatic is one of the best manual vinyl’s cleaner out there. It will clean your record’s grooves thoroughly than most of the available cleaning methods. It’s designed for ease of use, and thus even the starters can easily use it. All you need is to clamp the record between two plastics, use an axle to screw-thread the disc, then hang the disc in a thin bath of clean liquid. You then rotate the vinyl record manually for several turns on both sides, submerge it in the bath and gently scrub it. Then leave it to dry. That’s how easy it is to clean your record with this tool.

Milty Zerostat 3

Milty Zerostat 3Static electricity is main reason why your records are dusty. This is what Milty Zerostat 3 works on have your discs cleaned. The gun works by removing static charge build up on the surface of the record by generating the antistatic charges. With its suction tube, it becomes very easy to draw the dust and grime from the record. It is the perfect anti-static tool to have in the home. Apart from the records, you can also use it for cleaning other surfaces such as glass tables.

Cleaning Mat

A cleaning mat offers the perfect solution to dirty vinyl records. The mat is made from a soft velvet-like material that offers necessary protection to your discs- no scratching. It will hold the mat securely in place while you are cleaning. It highly recommended for wet and dry cleaning. It is user and cost friendly.

If your record is producing some clicking and cracking noises, dust accumulation could be the reason. You can use any of these manual cleaning tips to keep them sounding great. The tools are affordable and simple to use.

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