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Calm Your Nerves and Get Rid of Stress With These 6 Amazing Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is an art that dates back to ancient times, all the way back to the first hunters who are said to have altered their state of consciousness by letting their senses be lulled into a deep trance after staring at the flames of their fires. Some of the earliest recorded documents regarding meditation stem from the teaching of the Vedas in ancient India. The practise of Meditation was mostly developed and polished into a refined art by Buddhism in India and in Taoist China.

Meditation does wonders for the mind by cleansing and giving it a refreshing feel which in turn also affects the health and stability of the body. Although it might seem like the person isn’t doing much physical activity, the real beauty of meditation lies in the physiological change undergone by the body owning to the spread of prana or healing energy to every cell. The following benefits of Meditation┬ácan be achieved by any other technique.

6 Indispensable Benefits of Meditation


Meditation is an Ideal Stress Reliever

Anti-stress MeditationThe result of this process is a joyful, peaceful, refreshing and enthusiastic state of body and mind that cannot be attained in any other way. Not only does it improve concentration and clarity, research has shown that meditation also improves the physical health and mental well being of a person by reducing stress, anxiety attacks and providing emotional stability.

It can be done in different ways either by focusing on the breathing, any particular sensation in the body or by focusing on a specific object.

Helps Improve Concentration

Meditation is especially helpful for school or college students who deal with a stressful environment almost every day. Research shows that it helps sharpen the mind and gain focus by relaxing the mind and easing it of racing thoughts. It helps decrease anxiety and brings about emotional stability by releasing serotonin which helps increase the mood and behaviour.

People in stressful environments learn to control their emotions and temper better due to an increased blood floor and breathing techniques which boosts the oxygen supply to the brain, thereby instilling a blossoming calmness through the insides. During exams, students who meditate show better results as it increases their concentration, focus and memory power. It also helps to better multitask and reduces the ability to distract often.

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle, MeditationA person gains a boost of energy from their inner well which also helps boost immune system and improve the overall health. Meditation also helps to reduce or obliterate any tension induced pains such as headaches, ulcers, muscle and joint problems or even cures insomnia.

It also helps lower the blood pressure, reduces anxiety attacks and lowers the levels of blood lactate. It has been shown to give a boost of energy and freshness that keeps the person going the entire day, encourages them to eat healthy food and live a satisfied lifestyle.

Helps Practise Self-awareness

Meditation helps a person attain self awareness and acceptance for an overall well being. It helps the person understand their shortcomings and embrace them instead of letting their temper take control to cause widespread damage.

It helps clear their mind and calms them down leaving no room for stress or constant worry.

Slows Down Aging

Meditation Slows Down AgingResearch upon the benefits of meditation has found out that it slows down the aging process by altering the brain physiology. In this regard it helps reduce the overall stress and its effects on the body, thereby slowing down the degeneration of the brain cell matter to add a few more years to life.

It also helps a person to relax which causes the nitric oxide compound to increase, directly causing the blood pressure to drop by inducing the opening of the blood vessels. Research showed that patients taking medicine for high blood pressure can stop their medication by practising medication regularly.

Guarantees Happiness and Contentment

People who practise meditation on a daily basis are said to be more content and satisfied with their lives, owing to the decrease of negative thinking due to a brain signalling in the left side of the prefrontal cortex.

This portion of the brain is responsible for positive emotions and meditation decreases the signalling activity on the right side which is responsible for negative thoughts and emotions.


To get the most out of meditation, it needs to be infused into the daily schedule and practised regularly.

It is like a warm glow that softens the harsh reality of the stressful world by helping you focus on maintaining your tranquillity and happiness.

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