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Quality Affordable Furniture – Your IKEA Alternatives

a designer apartment interiorFitting out your home with your dream furniture designs can be a huge financial investment. You’ve already spent money on the purchase of your home, pest control, plumbing, and moving costs, but of course you want the place to look great too.

Just because you’re short of cash doesn’t mean you can’t own elegant and beautiful furniture that gives you house a more homely feel. Instead of settling for cheap IKEA products there are plenty of options available which will give you a better look at an often much better price.

From thrift shops to furniture warehouses to Gumtree.com.au, there are plenty of options available for the savvy interior designer looking for a bargain. If you are on the hunt for some stunning antique furniture, you just need to look in the right places and you’ll be able to outfit your home for a fraction of what people will think you paid.

Similarly, you can get that high-end interior designer look by purchasing replica designs from discount online furniture warehouses.

New and Improved

Replica furniture is becoming cheaper and better quality. The craftsmanship of the makers is so detailed that you will often not be able to identify an authentic piece from a replica.

Reputable manufacturers have perfected the art of creating wonderful pieces of furniture built with sturdy materials that are more tolerant to everyday wear and tear. Many new replicas are not as fragile as they look and will completely overhaul the look and feel of your home or office.

replica chair

Online Search

Many antique fanatics spend years searching for beautiful traditional furniture pieces that are still in good condition. For those who are eager for instant gratification, buying replicas is a great way to go. A simple online search for a specific furniture style, preferred era or designer of choice will provide you with some leads to follow up on.

If you’re looking for genuine antiques, second-hand markets can be a goldmine. Take a look in local classifieds, on eBay, and through your local newspaper to find out about local garage sales. You might have to do some searching but that time spent is well worth it when you snag yourself a genuine antique piece for a fraction of what it’s actually worth!

Price Tag

You may have in mind a classic designer furniture piece that you want but are hesitant to purchase because of its high price. With replica furniture, you can have it for less and experience the real thing.

A lower price does not mean low quality either. Designers almost always add on a premium for their original design, but in purchasing a replica you do not get taxed that often considerable extra money so your money stays in your pocket.

Furniture is an investment that can last for a lifetime. Quality pieces may even be passed on to future generations. While you can purchase low cost, lower quality pieces from places such as Ikea, that furniture will only last a few years before it needs to be replaced, so getting quality is a much better, and more affordable, long term solution.

second hand furniture store

Second Hand Stores

You can visit some second hand good stores in your area. These which may be selling new and used furnishings, appliances, clothing and more. Often you will find older but sometimes great quality, furniture pieces at bargain prices. Often a professional clean on one of these items will bring them to looking as new again, and you’ll save yourself thousands.

Thrift Store Chains and Charities

Some thrift stores have old and slightly used furniture being sold at low cost. You can find a basic bookshelf for a price of a movie ticket. Community-based thrift stores may also provide you higher-quality furnishings but you’ll need to check back regularly as the nicer pieces will get snapped up quickly.

Getting to know the staff at your local stores and let them know what you’re looking for so they can get in touch when something suitable comes in.

Garage Sales

As mentioned earlier, visiting garage sales can snag you some great furniture at bargain prices. Purchasing from the original owners also allows you to ask about the history of the furniture pieces and given the lower number of people who attend sales like this it is often easier to find rare and valuable items that would have been snapped up earlier were they sold anywhere else.

Your Grandparents’ Furniture

Antique couch at your grandparents houseAnother great way to collect some stunning antique designs if through your family and extended family. Often grandparents will have older style – but well maintained –  furniture that they may be happy to hand over to you.

Auties and Uncles may also have some great furniture they no longer need that they might be willing to part with. Ask around and see if anyone can help, often your family will give you unwanted items very cheaply or even for free. So this can be a great cost saver.

Social Media

Why not ask around on social media to find out if anyone in your network is interested in selling some furniture to you. With all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers you’ll be sure to find somebody in your area who is moving house and needs to sell some furniture or is cleaning out unused tables, chairs or lounge suites.

Post online about what you’re after and see who gets in touch, you never know, you might find the perfect item for your house from one of your close contacts.


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