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Keep Melbourne’s Youth Learning

Our youth are the most important thing to us. The foundation of our future lies in their upbringing. Its is critical to allow the youth to experience a large variety of exercises and activities while they are young in order to prepare them accordingly for the trials that face them in the future. In order for them to be reliable, they must be tested.

This can come at a cost though. While most of the adult population of Melbourne is working during the days, their youth are free to roam the Australian suburbs getting into all sorts of trouble and questionable situations that can lead to a delinquent behavior. This is the crux of our nations future. As a future-minded and family conscious society, we must be eager to help our children succeed by providing them with the tools that the need.

The most important tool that young minds needs these days is protection. Protection from many of the harmful forces that wish to take advantage of them and their naivete. While venturing into the world is important for well-rounded development, at first and maybe even oftentimes it is best for us to provide controlled environments for them to interact in. In this manner we can assure their proper development while bypassing unnecessary distractions and intrusive behavior that can impede their development.

Currently, the best method we have of doing this is to provide virtual environments. These virtual environments can take many forms and can be both entertaining and instructional if used appropriately. Firstly, it is important to note that there are many different kinds of games. There are games meant for pure enjoyment like a Gran Turismo or Street Fighter. There are games for education like Leapfrog for kids. What we need is a hybrid with potential. Something that is both entertaining and educational without being so dumbed down that the fun has been removed completely. A possible solution also happens to be the worlds most popular online game, Minecraft.

With Minecraft students and educators are revolutionizing the learning environment. Literally building a new one, block by block. The most critical piece of Minecraft is its overwhelming flexibility. The game can literally do anything. From digital solar systems, to volcanos made of blocks, the game of Minecraft brings application and first hand experience into the learning area like never before. In addition, it is secure. With the ability to whitelist and restrict servers, the owners can control who connects to their services. By only allowing approved members parents and educators can rest knowing that their youth aren’t being exploited by unknown parties.

There are many ways to play Minecraft but each way requires three things. A computer, a copy of the game, and a game server. These days you can pick up a computer just about anywhere. If you’re reading this article then odds are you already have one. Although getting them for your students may be a different story. Whether it’s through OLPC or some other organization, laptops for students can be affordable if you shop around. Next you need a copy of the game. By using a website called minecraftedu.com you can get significant educational discounts. Some up to 50% off. Lastly you need a server. The hosting company Apex Minecraft Hosting offers lifetime discounts to students and discounted servers to teachers and educators.

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