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How To Become an RTO in Australia

Are you interested in learning about how to become and RTO? The whole process of registering can be quite confusing and overwhelming but there are steps you can take to make it much easier. To make things easier, the following guide was put together by the RTO Consultants at RTO Support Australia.

Firstly there are a number of steps you should take to determine if setting up a training organisation is right for you, before going on to learn about how to become an RTO.

1. Why do you want to be an RTO? Many people choose to become RTOs to sell training to public, both corporate and private. It is important to recognise however that a huge amount of training is given every day by businesses that are not RTOs. Several of the biggest organisations for training in Australia and around the globe are not RTOs. A good example of this is Microsoft, who have a solid reputation and enough credibility to create their own training standard.

If however, your company has not achieved the aura that Microsoft hold, then RTO qualifications are an option. Nationally recognised training maintains an industry standard for training to ensure skill and knowledge levels are kept high. Training standards are grouped together into packages which are then organised around specific industries and their requirements. Nationally recognised training packages can only be delivered by Registered Training Organisations.

2. If you have decided that you do want to take the step and deliver Nationally Recognised Training, it is important that you select the correct course. Take a look at www.training.gov.au to find out which one is right for you. The site offers lots of useful information on how to become an RTO.

At the Australian Government Training website you will find information on existing RTOs and individual training packages.

Before you select a qualification, determine who will purchase the course from you. Ensure you understand the processes and pathways into the course and know who the clients that will be interested in paying you enough to train them in a way that is going to be of high value to their organisation and will align with the course requirements. You can always expand your offering to include any prerequisite courses if necessary.

3. Now that you know which courses you want to deliver and are happy with your decision to become an RTO you need to determine with whom to register your RTO.

There has just been a shift in the RTO industry and there are now only 3 industry providers. If you only intend to deliver training in Victoria, you must register your business with the Victorian Recognition and Qualification Authority (VRQA).

In Western Australia the process must abide by the requirements of the Training Recognition Council (TAC), but only if you are only offering training in that state alone.

In any other state of territory or if you intend to deliver to multiple states (including Victoria and Western Australia) or if you intend to deliver Nationally Accredited Training to overseas students studying on Student Visas here in Australia (CRICOS) then it is essential that you register with the newly formed Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

If you need guidance during the process of setting up your RTO, talk to the team at RTO Support who can offer you assistance with this sometimes complex and confusing process. You can contact them during business hours on Australia EST on 1300 728 148.

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