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5 Handy Hints to Make Your Life Easier

Painting House

It is tempting to ignore the steep price tag and hire a professional contractor to undertake home improvement repairs. Maintenance and repairs always seem intimidating and complex to someone who has never tried before. Others fear their attempts to fix the problem might make the situation worse. However, a simple DIY home maintenance plan can make a huge difference when it comes to cost savings. Here are some simple home maintenance works that you can do on your own thanks to the team at BreezyBnB.


Painting House and Fixing ToiletYou can easily repaint the interior of your house and give it a new look. However, repainting the entire interior is a lot of work and can be costly. You can save both money and time, by regularly touching up your paint job. The first thing you require is a spot-on color match. If there is some left over paint, just use it to re-touch the spots on your wall where the paint has flaked away or been chipped. The paint will achieve a near perfect look when it dries, leaving your house looking fresh and new again.

Toilet Repair

Leaking water from your toilet tank comes with two main problems. First, it will cost you money in the form of utility bills. Secondly, it will damage your bathroom floors and wear out the internal workings of your toilets. If you determine that the toilet tank is leaking, then you need to replace the toilet’s flapper. Before you do this, ensure that you turn off the water supply to the toilet. To replace the flapper, just remove the flush chain and slide the old one out. Replace with a new one and reconnect the chain.

Leaking Faucets

Most faucets leak due to worn out washers. Faucets contain rubber washers, which have a tendency of wearing out over time. To replace them, first turn off the main water supply. Proceed to unscrew the leaky handle controlling the water flow to the spout. Remove the old washer and replace with a new one. It is as easy as that.


House Repair TipsYou should check your roof periodically for any signs of damage. Discolored or damaged shingles should be replaced quickly to prevent water-damaged trusses, a drywall or even replacing the entire roofing system. When inspecting your roof, pay particular attention to the shingles surrounding the skylights, chimneys, and vents. These areas are the most prone to leaking.

Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are one of the main reasons why you are incurring high energy bills in the winter and summer months. Inspect the condition of the caulk line periodically. If it appears cracked, dry, or weathered, then you should remove it with a sharp knife or box cutter, and then replace it with a new bead along the seam. For additional utility bill savings, insulate your window using an insulating window film.


Keeping your property properly maintained saves you both money and energy. It increases the life of your existing structures and appliances while saving you money spent on utility bills. These are just a few tips that you can apply. However, if the project becomes too big, demanding or complex, just hire a service professional to get some assistance as you learn the ropes.

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