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Ideas for Good Child Safety Award

ideas for good child safety award

Here at Ideas For Good, we take pride and joy in the safety devices that have been developed with your family’s security in mind every step of the way. There are so many intimate details that are involved when it comes to raising your child in a safe environment. Our smart, hardworking team of safety experts have worked long and hard to find the most reliable products that are geared towards your precious child’s safety.¬†whether looking for anything from locks and latches, child safety gates and barriers to electrical and corner protectors. Each of these devices will bring more peace of mind through these growing years and allow your child to explore the world around them safely. That’s why we are glad to announce the Ideas For Good Child Safety Award for 2018 which goes to Perma Child Safety!

Locks and LatchesLocks-and-Latches

The variety of devices that are designed to secure drawers, cabinets, doors, and refrigerators and freezers is unmatched by any other baby proofing company. There are even models available that securely keep a faucet handle in the closed position. There is no more need to worry about pinched fingers, falling pots and pans, or through-the-roof water bills as your child runs through your home in search of something to play with or simply feed their curiosity with how things function. With over thirteen different styles available there is no doubt that you will find the most suitable design for every area that you wish to secure in your home.

Safety Gates and BarriersSafety-Gates-and-Barriers

Your home may be fairly safe as it naturally is, however, there are still some areas that would be even safer if properly secured by a gate or a sturdy barrier. The two primary designs of gates are either pressure mounted or hardware mounted models. Pressure mounted gates are best for traveling, quick changes of location, or simply using in areas that you prefer not to make marks on the walls or banisters. The hardware mounted child safety gates are manufactured with sturdy steel that is designed to not even budge an inch from the place you originally attach it to. These can be put up in an area that will accept the process of drilling screws and remain strong if pressure is applied to the gate. There are safety gates designed specifically to prevent your child from falling down the stairs, entering a kitchen, office, or even the deck as they play out in the yard. The specialty barriers are geared towards protecting your little one from fireplaces, flower gardens, or even act as a playpen in the Livingroom or in the middle of your yard as you do outdoor chores. All of these safety gates and barrier models are approved by the child safety requirements and will protect your growing family for many years to come.

Electrical and Corner ProtectorsElectrical-and-Corner-Protectors

The precious little fingers of your child can get into many more unwanted spaces than you may ever think possible. There are also table corners and countertop edges that your baby’s knee, elbow, or even head may encounter before you even imagine it to be an issue of their safety. Each of these up-to-date protectors will help prevent your child from accidentally electrocuting themselves or from bumping their heads or limbs on any open pointy counter and table edges. The 50 Piece Home Safety Kit contains locks & latches, corner protectors and electric outlet covers of multiple styles, shapes, and sizes. There are also three other models of electrical socket covers available for your specified taste. With this kind of variety at your disposal you are sure to find the right fit when it comes to properly childproofing your home.

These innovative child safety products will not only exceed your expectations when it comes to your child’s safety but will bring peace to the environment that your child is growing up in. Safety is one of the most important key components when it comes to raising your child. There is nothing better than having peace of mind with the safekeeping of your beloved children. By winning this award for the best ideas in child home safety, you can have utmost certainty that Perma Child Safety is a company that you can count on when it comes to securing your home and keeping your family safe with the latest technology in child safety.

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