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Giving Children The Best Start In Life

The world has changed a lot since we were children. Back in our day we didn’t have video game consoles, iPads, mobile phone apps, or even just mobile phones for that matter! Our toys were all real, usually educational, and often handmade. We certainly didn’t spend 24 hours a day sitting and staring at a screen on a TV or computer, either. You probably remember getting a lot of fresh air and sunshine playing in the great outdoors as a child. Unfortunately the youth of today are not so lucky and seem to have their face in their computer or phone all day, or at the very least with their earphones in listening to some manufactured bands’ latest hit.

Toddler with Educational ToysIt’s nonsensical to get caught up in the nostalgia of the past, but many parents of young children are concerned that the way their kids are being brought up and educated is not the healthiest. Conditioned by a barrage of clever and borderline unethical marketing and advertising, our youth are unaware that they are being manipulated on a daily basis to desire things they do not have. We are all affected by constant advertising but the youth who are not aware of the manipulative effects of repetitive exposure, are the most at risk.

Because of this, many parents are trying to get their kids away from all the high-tech toys and gadgets they have become accustomed to. Instead of letting their toddlers play with their iPads or cell phones, clever parents who want to help their children develop their mental abilities from a younger age are shunning technology for old-school educational toys. While some of the toys may seem a little archaic, the motivations behind them are far from it. Building a solid grounding in problem solving and logic is best developed through training and experience in real-world situations. Real educational games and toys have been shown to be far more beneficial to the mental growth and development in children, when compared to computer games.

One online Australian toy store is leading the way in helping toddlers and children develop their cognitive abilities. Renowned for their selection of toys and games with an emphasis on the growth of specific areas of mental maturity and quality, Educational Toys have brightened the lives of thousands of lucky children and parents across this great nation of ours. The founder of the company, Simone, has spend months searching the globe for the most educational and fun to use kids toys, while ensuring that quality standard were always met. Inspired by her desire to maintain an advanced learning platform for her own son, she has chosen only to sell toys that compliment her very high standards.

In a recent interview with the team here at Ideas For Good, she spoke of her love for educational games and toys and their benefits for children: “Children, especially young toddlers and babies are constantly learning through their interactions with the world. By playing computer games they are learning from an artificial environment, not getting an education from real life experiences. It doesn’t take a genius to see how this may negatively affect their cognitive growth and development. I love toys that promote intellectuality, I can watch my own child developing problem solving abilities as he plays. I can see him getting smarter, and this excited me.”

While we have discussed only one Australian online educational toy store in the above paragraphs, there are numerous other toy shops online and in a city near you. Doing a search online will yield a plethora of results in your local area, so take a look next time you are considering buying your child a new Xbox console or PS3 game. It may be hard to get your child to make the switch initially, but once you get them back into the great outdoors with the combination of some fresh air and a few new real toys for them to play with, (there’s no need to mention to them that they’re educational!) you may just have trouble getting them to come back inside for dinner.

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