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Solar Roof Vents – Smart Roof Ventilation for Australia

Whirlybird-vs-Solar-roof-ventThe Solar Ark solar roof vents are Australia’s highest performing solar roof vents and can give you the equivalent performance of up to 20 whirlybirds. The solar roof vent works by a solar panel providing the required power to operate the extraction fan. The extraction fan then sucks the hot air out of the roof cavity, reducing the room temperature of your home and making it a much more comfortable living area.

Summer roof temperatures often exceed 700c (especially if your roof is black!) and greatly increase the room temperatures inside your home. Solar roof vents can reduce roof temperatures by up to 300c and room temperatures by up to 60c. This can save you big $$$ off your electricity bill as it helps your air conditioner run much more efficiently and in some cases eliminates the need for an air conditioner all together. Thanks to the solar panel the solar roof vent has no running costs ever and a built in thermostat, that shuts down operation when temperatures drop below 240c, ensures that you are not extracting valuable heat during Winter.

Solar roof vents also fight mould and condensation build-up in your roof space, reducing the likelihood of mould spores in the roof that can affect the health and air quality inside your home. A typical whirly bird has a flow rate of 90-100m3/h and the Solar Ark SAV-20 has a flow rate of 2718m3/h, however this is not the only advantage. With whisper quiet operation and a much more attractive appearance the solar roof vent is a superior ventilation system than a whirly bird.

There are 3 different models of the Solar Ark roof vents available – the SAV-20, SAV-20T and the SAV-30.  Solar roof vents require the solar panel to be facing North to operate efficiently. The SAV-20T is the exact same as the SAV-20, but with an adjustable tilt for the solar panel. This makes it very effective for installations where it is not possible to install the vent on a North facing roof. Both the SAV-20 and the SAV-20T use a 20w PV solar panel to operate the motor. The SAV-30 is the big performer for high extraction requirements with a flow rate of 3150m3/h. This means a larger 30w PV solar panel is required to operate its larger motor. These roof vents are not restricted to home use as they are very effective and often used in sheds and warehouses and have even been used in horse stables.

Not only are Solar Ark roof vents Australia’s highest performers, but they are also made to the highest quality standards. They use a polycarbonate fan blade and stainless steel fan cover, along with a brushless (super quiet) DC motor. Their quality is backed up by a 10 year warranty on the solar panel, body and fan and a 3 year warranty on the motor.

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