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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With These Methods


In the recent years, a lot has been said about global warming, particularly due to the severe side effects being experienced in different parts of the world. This is also referred to as the carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is simply the amount of greenhouse gases emission (carbon dioxide) caused by human activities. The impact of these gases to the environment is devastating. 

Since it’s practically impossible to stop carbon footprint, there are various ways to combat this problem.

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Here are some of the ways to reduce CO2 emissions:

Stop or Reduce Eating Red Meat

Whenever carbon footprint is mentioned, most people think of the fossil fuels, but there are even bigger culprits that are less mentioned. Meat produces more carbon into the air more than the fossil fuel does. For instance, red meat consumes 11 times more water and produces 5 times emissions than its poultry counterparts. That is why reducing the amount of meat consumed can significantly help in reducing carbon footprints.

Unplug You Devices

It has been observed and proven that plugging electronic devices even when they are not charging sucks some energy. The sucked energy is a waste with each unit contributing to some degrees of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, if you can unplug your devices anytime they are not in use, it will help in reducing carbon footprint. You can also use standby power saving devices to help in the carbon footprint reduction.

Drive Less

Cars have been described as one of the main emitters of greenhouse gases. Their massive numbers across the globe have them ranked among the leading contributors to this problem. You don’t need the car everywhere you go. You can opt for the public transport system, bicycle or even walk. If twenty car owners can go for the public transport, this would significantly reduce the production of the carbon footprint.

Plant a Garden

Planting a GardenPlants make use of the carbon dioxide gas in making food for their survival. In fact, if we had enough plants to absorb all the greenhouse gases produced, then we would not be struggling with the problem of global warming. Planting a garden outside your home can help in absorbing some of this gas thus helping in its reduction.

Line-Dry Your Clothes

Unlike in the past, nowadays people make of the dryers dry their clothes after laundry. It might be quick but what you don’t know is the huge amount of electrical energy that is consumed. It’s recommended that you line-dry your clothes so that you can reduce the volume of the greenhouse produced resulting from the use of the dryer.


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