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Medication Donations to Save Animals

Many people don’t think about donating old or unused medicine when their pet passes away or no longer needs it. Medical donations can help save the lives of animals who’s owners cannot afford treatment, and can be used to help sick and injured wildlife as well.

The process of medical donations can help pass needed medications on to veterinary patients who are currently suffering from a disease which is similar to the disease or illness of the donor animal. Herbal medicine donation is a life-saving and cost-saving process to patients whom continuously need medications, where the medicine are no longer of any use to the previous owners.

Where can I donate medicine?

Dr. Kaori from the Sunshine Coast Vet Clinic will accept any herbal medicines which are not open or half used (usually NOT powder) and pass them on to patients who can benefit from the medication. This saves the client money but also stops unnecessary wastage. If you do not live on or near the Sunshine Coast, talk to some veterinarians in your area and see if they would like to take you unused medicines.

Can we donate money as well medication?

Almost all vets help sick and dying animals for free, especially wildlife, so all donations are welcome. KK’s Holistic Veterinary Clinic accepts all types of donations including: herbal medicine, supplements, money or even volunteered time to help with the animals. We spoke with Dr. Kaori who is the brains behind the medicine donation drive, and she love to bring people in contact when their medications have helped save lives. This way they can see the good they have done for other living creatures.

If you are interested in sharing your story with owners of pets with similar ailments, please get in touch with her at one of the Sunshine Coast Veterinary Clinics she works from so she can find out more. People who have helped other animal lovers are only ever put in contact if both parties agree to do so.

At her Sunshine Coast clinics, Dr. Kaori will gives complementary acupuncture to wildlife whenever they require it, however needles and the time can be covered from donation money. The donation money goes to those who are not able to afford to see a vet but require urgent help with their animal.

Why do people donate?

Simply because they want to help the needy! Also they being able to give the gift of life in the hope to pass on something that their beloved animals could not have.

How can I donate?

You can simply bring the medications back to one of the Sunshine Coast Vet Clinics where Dr. Kaori works or send them to the addresses as listed on the website – www.sunshinecoastvet.com.au.

There have been numerous patients who had a benefited from donated medications so far, these include:

Leo, Gucci, Sasha, Ebony, Darcy, and Bella are only some of them.

Please help your community and donate any medications your animal may no longer need.

Vets around the country and the animals they look after appreciate your generosity.

Help to pass on the gift of life to another living creature. Thank you.



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