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Supporting your Local Community

For many small to medium sized businesses, getting involved in their local communities is not just a great way to drum up new business, but can also be very rewarding. There are always a large number of projects going on in any given community: fund raising for local schools, community garden projects, petitioning councils to repair dangerous or badly designed intersections or crossings. The list goes on.

In the multimedia era, when it seems like more and more social interaction is moving from the real world to online, it can also be quite refreshing to get involved in you local community and do things that benefit your neighbours and the area you live in. The team here at Ideas For Good encourage you, the people of Australia, to get out in your community and make a positive difference. Get involved and get your hands dirty! On our own we can only do so much, but when we combine our efforts there are no limits to what can be achieved!

CorsoStreetPartyOne small local business making a difference to their small community in Seven Hills, Brisbane is Unsurpassable Hair Salon. The owners of this cute hair and make-up salon tucked away on a small street in suburbia decided to do some fundraising to aid a purpose built centre in Logan for misfortunate children. The event is called The Corso Street Party and is held yearly. The salon managers and hairdressers have all been heavily involved in preparation for the event, and are excited about how it will play out.

Not only has this event attracted some big name sponsors like the South-East Advertiser and local radio station Nova 109.6FM, but many smaller businesses have been getting behind the community driven movement as well, in the hopes of giving back to the people that keep them in business.

Auscomms CB and two-way radio suppliers have generously donated several sets of walkie talkies to the fundraising street party. Dubbed “The Corso Street Party” based on the name of the street it is being held on, the fundraiser will take a lot of organization and setting up by the local businesses and volunteers, so the addition of quality, high-end CB radios will benefit them greatly. After the party is over, the walkie talkies will be given to the staff at “Empowering our next Generation” the centre for children in Logan for use by staff and security there.

If you are a Brisbane local and would like to support community initiatives like this, drop by Unsurpassable Hair Salon at 14/16 The Corso, Seven Hills sometime and find out more about their next big fundraiser. Not only are the Unsurpassable hair stylists renowned for being some of the best hairdressers Brisbane has, they are also loved throughout the local community for their kindness.

This is just one example of a community initiative taking place in Australia as we speak. A quick search online reveals there are thousands if not tens of thousands more events, fundraisers and support movements on the horizon. If you feel like you could be doing something more rewarding with your time why not get up and get involved? Not only will you be able to make a difference, but you’ll feel good about it and make new friends. We can’t all be as driven as the team at the Unsurpassable Salon, but we can get behind and support the leaders, just like Auscomms and The South-East Advertiser have, and donate or lend a hand to help make Australia, and the world, a better place.

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