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Managing Stress When Organizing Your Next Corporate Event

With winter on its way out and the weather starting to heat up again, the people of Australia turn their thoughts towards Christmas.  While this time of year can be joyful for the majority of us, it can also be stressful for some. Santa probably has it the worst, but the poor employees who get stuck with the task of organizing the end of year corporate Christmas party for the entire office suffer greatly too.

While most of us working folk take events such as work Christmas parties for granted, a lot is involved in setting them up. Often the people behind the scenes have to do a great deal of organizing to make things run smoothly and they are rarely thanked for their efforts. Here at Ideas for Good, we love to have staff Christmas parties, but we like to share the workload of preparing and organizing so everyone gets a taste of how much work is really involved.

Generally speaking, the numerous things that need to be planned before any catered corporate function include:

  • Finding a suitable venue and organizing to hire it for the event
  • Ensuring that everyone in the company or companies (depending on what sort of event you are organizing) is told about the event in advance.
  • Finding a corporate caterer that has the capacity to feed all of the guests at the event.
  • Ensuring the food served is suitable for all of the patrons attending the event. Often people have special requirements i.e. vegan, halal, etc.
  • Making sure any speakers at the event are aware of what they need to say and when.
  • Ensuring there is enough seating and table space for all attendees.
  • The list goes on..

CateringplatterApart from finding the perfect venue with capacity to hold the correct number of guests, one thing we found was integral to the successful running of our events was to organize competent caterers. We spoke with the finger food catering service from last years party in Brisbane, the corporate catering specialists Art of Catering. They have a strong reputation in Brisbane and throughout Australia for their high standards in cuisine and customer service. Philip one of their party catering managers gave us the run down on what makes a good catering service and how that can make your job of organizing a function or event that much easier.

He gave us a list of things you should do before booking a corporate caterer. Here is what he recommended you do to make sure things run smoothly:

  1. Before you look for a company, work out what sort of food you want at your event. Different companies have different specialties, for example you don’t want to hire a catering team for your corporate function if they specialize in roast pork if there will be a large number of Jewish people or vegetarians at the event. Find out what demographic of people will be attending and select your shortlist of caterers accordingly.
  2. Speak with others who have organized similar events to your own, and find out their experiences with various companies.
  3. Look online and read reviews about others experiences. Often you might find a company who seem like they really know their stuff and will be perfect for your party, but online reviews may say otherwise. Do your research before booking anything; you’ll be glad you did.
  4. Call all of the caterers on your shortlist and see how well they can work with the specific requirements for your party. Often you can get a good feel for a company and their food, by speaking with one of their representatives.
  5. Once you have chosen the company you think you would like to have cater at your event, ask to taste test some of their food before the event to ensure it meats your expectations of quality and taste.

By following these steps you can ensure that you have a much greater chance of things running smoothly at your next event. There are so many things involved in setting up any party, but getting the finger food and meals done right is one of, if not the, most important. Do yourself a favour and do your research before booking anyone. Your fellow staff members may not thank you for it later, but they’ll be sure to remind you about it if things go wrong!

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