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Google Ads a Hot Commodity for Local Business

Brisbane’s tech-savvy small business owners have embraced the city’s digital revolution and jumped on the seemingly unstoppable Google advertising train. More and more local businesses are seeing the value in this form of online advertising as the people of Brisbane continue to turn to the search engine powerhouse for answers to their day to day queries.

Google Adwords are a major chunk of the advertising budget for many businesses, especially the trades. With some plumbers, electricians and carpenters using Google AdWords as their only source of lead generation.

The fall in popularity of old hat advertising like the yellow pages has led to businesses looking for alternative ways to attract more business and there is none more measurable than pay-per-click advertising. The Google Adwords system can be a bit daunting for first time users and many business owners opt to use one of Brisbane’s PPC agencies that specialise in Google AdWords management. These AdWords management experts are highly skilled and can optimise your account so that you achieve the best possible return on investment from your desired budget. The plethora of data provided by Google makes it possible to track visitors to your site from the initial click, all the way through to a purchase or enquiry. This rich data can also help pinpoint all sorts of problem areas on your site such as clunky enquiry forms, load times, and even unappealing images, colours and site layouts.

Most business owners don’t have a lot of time to work on their business as they are usually busy working in it, so using a professional company to manage your online advertising is a no brainer. We spoke with local mechanic Adam from Brisbane’s North about his success with his online campaign. “I’ve been running AdWords with a PPC agency for over two years now and haven’t looked back. It took a little bit of work to get the site up to scratch as I hadn’t updated it for a number of years but once we did I saw an immediate effect.” We quizzed him about his plans for the future of his business and if he had any recommendations for other local business owners planning to action a digital strategy to which he replied “Don’t be afraid to spend a little money to get the ball rolling, it’s important to remember that with AdWords especially you might use your whole budget pretty quickly but as long as your account is built correctly, these are all potential clients! And don’t forget about social media. Encourage your customers to follow you and get into the habit of taking a photo or writing a quick message about your latest project and sharing it with your audience, keeps you top of mind.”

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