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Digital Brisbane Hits Top Gear as Businesses Back Up-and-Comers

It’s a good time to be a digital start-up in the sunshine state. The Brisbane City Council has been swept up in the digital wave and is pushing to establish their fair city as the digital hub of Australia, with great success! Their plan involves a wide selection of interest groups from SMEs to Start-ups and even the general public.

The Brisbane Digital strategy’s key objectives are to:

  • Double the amount of businesses selling online
  • Support 250 digital start-ups
  • Improve the public’s online experience of Brisbane

With these goals in mind, Digital Brisbane will work towards increasing Brisbane’s connectivity into the global digital economy. With the help of digital champions and the backing of governmental organisations, the program aims to enhance the online presence of the SME business sector by improving online business practices and promotion, leading to a better lifestyle for locals. To do this the city has created a digital marketing program boasting workshops, seminars and online assets like the digital marketing directory which puts business owners in touch with the city’s best digital marketing agencies. Brisbane SEO firm BrisDigital is one of those online marketing agencies keen to help the city grow into the new digital age. “We’ve been helping SME’s in Brisbane capitalise on their online potential through search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media management for a number of years,” said Jay Martin, the company’s director. “We’ve successfully helped turn declining businesses into industry powerhouses through an increased web presence, and we’re yet to meet a business owner we cannot help,” He added emphatically. And after spending a week in their offices watching his enthusiastic staff go about their day I can see why!

The BCC’s Strategy not only wants to help SMEs but also aims to foster a freewheeling environment capable of supporting high-growth digital start-ups to boost entrepreneurship and improve the support available to digital companies. Brisbane start-up companies are currently being hindered by a network which is still quite clearly in its’ infancy compared to other states across the country.

Start-ups by state.

startups state

Young, fresh companies aiming to achieve rapid growth and tackle national and global markets, often fueled by external investment. High-growth, knowledge-based, start-up companies are having a profound economic impact on economies around the world.

Of those who have founded their own digital start-up, the largest group has been in the workforce for six to ten years, followed closely by those with five years or less work experience.

This is an important statistic as it shows that 61% of founders in Australia, are people who are from the younger generations, and in the early stages of their careers. This group makes up the bulk of Australia’s entrepreneurial community, and have strong ‘entrepreneurial intentions’ with 19% of this group planning on starting a business within three years (PwC, 2013).

Their media use is predominantly digital as it’s the core focus for both their business and personal interests. Being heavily involved in the tech industry, the target market are at the forefront of digital innovation and are quick to adopt new technology and communication platforms. They are extremely likely to be engaged in multiple screens at any one time (smartphone, tablet, laptop, television) and would be classed as e-mavens (influencers) among their social circles. The more of these digitally minded people the city can attract, the better!

As the digital scene expands and digital marketing agencies and start-ups alike jostle to grab their slice of the multi-billion dollar digital pie their is one clear victor that emerges from this digital revolution and that’s the city itself.

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